Sunday Wanderings

by justine

A few thoughts have led me to sitting here at my blonde wood table that seats four, to my dog chewing his nylon bone under my feet, to H upstairs noodling on the guitar. The amp vibrations come through the ceiling and over my solo piano radio station but it’s OK. All is OK today because I am learning to just be more and more.

I thought I would noodle myself, via the interwebs, gathering links that made me sing this week. A Sunday collage of links. I had the fabulous Susannah Conway’s blog open which led me to 21.5.800. I am very sad I am 6 days behind this project… but what another inspiring find via the serendipitous web. What a great idea. Yoga + 800 words of writing a day for 21 days. Not only is this a simple and realistic goal but it’s actually doable…by me.

Alas, I am 6 days behind and am not feeling incredibly adventurous at the moment. Any attempt to launch this small project for myself would be half-assed and met with more resistance than I can take right now. But I have hope. DreamLab starts in a week. I went to yoga 2 days in a row this week (a first). My goals, while not completely fleshed out are simple. Take the pressure off. Do yoga. Write. Post each day. Do enough but not much more. Walk. Be kind to myself. Share my experience. Listen for YOU – your stories, dear reader. You are part of my little mission. I’ll elaborate soon but one of my recent a-ha moments went like this:

Me: I want to be part of this community. These strong, creative group of female bloggers

Voice inside my head: Then you have to participate

And damn, isn’t she right?

So this is me participating. Allowing myself to participate. To jump in. I’m signed up for DreamLab. I’m posting on my blog. I have 30 days unlimited to Santa Monica Yoga. I am starting to create a life.