DreamLab, Round 2

by justine

Back in June, I signed up for Mondo Beyond’s DreamLab. While the emails were beautiful and inspiring, I ended up archiving most of them. Thinking I didn’t have time for this silliness, I felt guilty I wasted the money and copped out on myself.

So here goes Round 2. The themes are courage, gratitude and tribe – wholly applicable to this time of year. Well, this time of year back East. Last week’s weather here in SoCal almost killed my spirit. 100+ degrees near the ocean, so hot we turned our AC on for the first time ever. Even as October slid into view this weekend, I made it a point to enjoy the beach in a bathing suit.

But today – ah today – I was startled when my morning walk with the dog involved a light mist. I didn’t get excited though. I assumed it would end and the sun would shine, but no such thing happened. Instead, my day was full of overcast, light rain and a chilly 60 degrees. Perfect Autumn weather.

I’m not sure what the next 6 weeks entail, but I’m hopeful that they’ll lead me to a deepening, a sort of turning inward that the slowness of Fall brings.

I don’t know why I’m here, but it felt like something that may ground me during the season change and all the life musings I’m working through. DreamLab means experimenting and learning about my own thoughts and sensations. The courage to be myself, the ability to accept myself as I am and be grateful for it, and the ability to build, engaged and find a tribe of my own. Excited but also anxious.

The past 6 months have contained major events, all of which I’m grateful for, but I feel disconnected. I am not present in my own life enough. Even reading the comments above, I was rushing. I reminded myself to just take the time to give each person my attention. It probably starts with me – DreamLab is a way to give MYSELF attention.

Also, I LOVE *Consume Hope* – thank you for that.

As I wrote below – DreamLab is a way to give myself the attention I need. Here goes nothing!

Mondo Beyondo Dream Lab: Play Practice Learn