by justine

Just now I was reading a random blog I had bookmarked (how did I find this person originally – are you out there now?) Recently she posted about “Hedda”. Freakin’ oddly enough that was also the name of a dog today at the park. Ok, you’re thinking, woh, big coincidence, but this female dog was playing really well with mine and she was all dominating. Alpha female.

The owner had two small children in the park with her. Usually I don’t like when kids are in the dog park  (it makes me nervous, plus the whole area is FILTY) but there was a good vibe between the dogs and the kids. Interacting with kids makes me feel self-conscious, probably because they’re all so open and free, but today I felt like speaking to the girl, who was less than 10 yrs old.

“Why do you do that Hedda?” she said quietly while my dog and her dog wrestled.

“What’s your dog’s name?”


“Like, h-e-t-a?”

“Um, no. H-e-d-d-a”

“Oh, cool”

I had never heard that name before and not 5 hrs later I find it on a blog that I don’t remember bookmarking to see that it’s a play about how a newlywed struggles with an existence she finds devoid of excitement and enchantment.

That has to mean something, right? I mean, if we ignore the fact that she causes a whole lot of drama and people die. Otherwise, there’s a small wink of serendipity there for sure. ::sigh::

(Note: after writing this post, I googled the blogger above. Recovering sex addict / pornstar. Pretty interesting and one heck of a life. Oh, and we’re born 1 day and 1 yr apart. Not sure why but I think God’s laughing somewhere)