Full Moon in Aries ~ October Dreamboard

by justine

I’ve been wanting to participate in Jamie Ridler’s Full Moon Dreamboards for a while now. This month’s invite is luxury – “not something expensive… just something beyond what you require”. Letting my intuition guide me, I pulled some remarkably similar colors and threads of themes.

The first, Connections, suggests the tension between the Libra sun (also my ascendant) and the Aries moon. Libra rules relationships (literally connections) while Aries rules the Self. With my recent ah-ha moments about my own creative history and activities I’d like to indulge in (like collaging) this speaks volumes. Connections, comfort zone, life being an open door, the stories of our lives and living on the page. There is an activity here – fiery, bright colors that look oh-so-bold. An Aries version of luxury.

The tension between relationships & self


The second collage, Star Power, is calm, sparkling, magical – the shimmery Libra side of luxury. Libra splendor through the filter of a Pisces.

Libra luxury for a dreamy Pisces

I’m not sure what these mean exactly, but the feelings they evoke for me is powerful. It’s not just that making collages is something that I used to do all of the time to express myself – and it’s been years since the last one – but that the past weeks have held a lot of emotions and ah-ha moments. I’m delighted to see it all come out in these dreamboards.

There’s hope here, and power. There’s beauty and simplicity and energy.

With my menstrual cycle lining up with the full moon, and my want to be more present, I tried to really listen to myself and to honor all the emotions and physical feelings both a hormonal cycle and a moon cycle dredge up.

I think I’m finally starting to listen to myself. To hear my own voice.