Spatter-Painted Sky

by justine

The sky stretched out like a Jackson Pollack canvas
Spatter-painted with sparkling stars
Darkness came down to meet us
Dizzying space, so vast, so far

Pulsing with heat, we sunk our sheets in the river
Letting them swell out with the tide
We twisted our wrists to ring out the water
And balled them back up at our sides

We laid on our cots, wrapped in damp cotton
You reached your hand across to hold mine
The moon was a darkened figure
Satellites spiraling lines

And then, I was swept up by the sound of the river
Up into that diamond encrusted sky
My body weightlessly floating towards Heaven
As I contemplated my own death, the tiny Earth, our fragile lives

{This summer, I slept at the bottom of the Grand Canyon for an overnight river rafting trip. I’ve never seen so many stars in my life.}