Party Like It’s 2010

by justine

One of my random ah-ha moments that occurred this year was “Do the easy thing”. Being that I can’t choose just one party for 2010 and because I want to revel in the awesomness that was my year, here is a list of wonderful party moments.

Disclaimer – After writing this, I realized that a lot of my “partying” involves alcohol. ::shrugs::

January (well technically, New Years Eve)
New Years Eve party with family. Once we realized were the youngest in attendance by 30 years we hit the open bar hard. Don’t underestimate how fun it is to be tipsy and dance. Or your future mother-in-law – she’ll pressure you to do shots harder than any of your college friends ever did.

MA Convention party – Sweaty dancing in the Miami heat.

I am so not a club girl, but we hit the town for a friend’s birthday. VIP table service, loud music and a sweet pole dancer (very tasteful). Best part? Someone else picked up the tab.

March also held a trip to Vegas for my Mom’s 50th. The whole week was a party, but I loved the dinner at the Wynn Encore the best. And watching my brother scream “Don’t touch his hand, it’s too hot!” at the craps table. Oh, and the yardstick drinks with my sister.

The Pink-slip party was a huge backyard kegger held for all the teachers in our group of friends that had been laid off (Yay CA!). Can’t remember who won the “best drinking vessel” contest but it was hilarious.

(We traveled a bunch in June & July)

Another MA Convention – another sweet dance party.

Later in the month we had a friend’s birthday and the genius idea to mix vodka with lemonade. Maybe the best party, definitely the worst hangover of the year.

Attended a sexy salsa birthday party for a friend. Spent way too much $. Had a fabulous time.

Thanksgiving is an all-day event for us LA misfits. “Dinner” is served at 1pm, naps by 3pm. Round 2 = wine + board games rounding out the evening. My jaw hurt from laughing so much.

This post comes at an interesting time, because I currently have (3) holiday parties in the next 2 weeks plus Christmas before the year comes to a close. Looking forward to all of it.