Call Someone You Love

by justine

On the drive home tonight, I realized that the podcast I was listening to was b-o-r-i-n-g. I was stuck in traffic with at least 20min to go. My first urge was to check my phone for email, texts and other mindless connections that could impair my ability to drive. Then I thought, “I could call Grandma”.

So, I did.

And instead of numbing out with (dangerous) phone clicking while driving and instead of feeling crappy because I felt crappy, I reached out. I called someone I love. We didn’t talk about anything specific, but it was fabulous. I heard all about her daily life right now. She’s in the senior citizen stage of caring for her siblings and friends who are aging faster than she is. It sound depressing, but she sounds good. We covered the drama surrounding planning a wedding and how we love a good bargain. And of course, we always chat about food – how much we love fresh fruit, like strawberries, and snacking on delicious things like avocados and almonds.

I miss her. We don’t see each other enough. Even though she spends weeks at a time at my parents house, my trips home don’t overlap her’s. She said she’ll be at not one, but both (long story) engagement parties this summer. I can’t wait to see her.

Family is so important. These people that watched you grow up, that took care of you when you were sick, that praised and loved you from the very start, they hold a key that other people can’t. And sometimes that makes it very difficult to become the person you truly are, but I’m blessed with wonderful grandmothers who have always made me feel cherished.

I didn’t realize this until I was typing, but my horoscope mentioned reconnecting with a special someone – too funny!

Have you been playing a marathon game of phone tag with a friend? It’s time to stop the madness — do whatever you can to get in touch today. Put as much energy into this task as possible, because reconnecting with this person is more important than you think.

It’s so wonderful. I’m glad I made the call 🙂