iPhone Bites the Dust

by justine

Serendipity hit me Friday, so overtly that it makes me laugh out loud.

I’ve wanted a new phone for a while, but it being a work phone, it’s not really up to me. It’s a 3G iPhone, which means it’s slow as hell, hasn’t been updated in 6+ months, and the user experience is frustrating. It freezes, quits, or breaks down daily. Most recently the on / off button stopped working. It was only a matter of time before the battery gave out.

Cue battery death Friday morning as I drove to the ASCAP “I Create Music” Expo. Normally, this would have been the beginning of mental chaos – I was set to meet with alumni, getting up very early, and now how would they get in touch with me?! But I stayed calm.

One – Grabbed the phone charger before running out the door, so I knew I could plug it into a wall and check immediately if it was a glitch (it would power back on) or phone death.

Two – I’d worn my watch, which I hardly ever do anymore, so I could track time without using said phone.

Three – Wanting a new phone, this was the perfect excuse to move the process forward s.t.a.t.

Not having my phone Friday threw all of my plans out the window, but it was a relief. And I’m amazed at how little spur-of-the-moment thoughts – “Bring the charger” and “Why don’t you wear your watch?” – helped alleviate any concerns not having a phone would bring up. Like something was watching out for me.

Plus, as inconvenient as the waiting is, it’s perfect timing.

I should be back in business in a week or so. Until then, I’m going to pay attention to my anxiety levels and communication needs that not having a phone bring up. And looking forward to all the awesome iphonography I’ll be able to take part in with my new gem.