Point – Shoot – Marvel

by justine

It used to be that I would ask the cellphone sales guy “Don’t you have just a phone? I don’t need the camera, video, texting, keyboard crap.” But now, oh man, one of the main reasons I wanted a iPhone 4G instead of a 3GS was for the beautiful camera.

And it is sooooooo worth it.

Not only was I thrilled to get the 4G, but I couldn’t wait to purchase “The Art of iPhoneography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity” (Thanks to Chookooloonks). It does not disappoint. It covers camera-phone basics, building a toolkit, uploading / sharing photos, participating in community and features other photographers. The best part is that author Stephanie Roberts writes about “shooting how you feel” and “finding a focus“.

Feeling. Creating. Focusing. These are key for me. Photography is something that feeds a part of my soul I often dismiss – the one that communicates via images and colors. Being gifted in verbal & written communications, and not so gifted in drawing, it wasn’t until I was 15 yrs old that photography came into my life. It didn’t stay for very long, maybe the rest of high school, and then was buried with a lot of my other creative self-expressions.

That’s been changing for the past year now.

It’s as if the dark tunnel of creative anorexia is finally ending. With the small click of my phone, the quick upload of a file, some hastily written words I’m giving myself permission to create. Feeding the creative inside. No, the pictures aren’t fit for MoMA, but it’s so easy and off-the-cuff that it’s like being a kid again. You mean I can shoot how I feel?!

Point-Shoot-Marvel. I’m fascinated by what my camera delivers, sparked to shoot more, and  so damn excited I could jump up and down.