Full Moon in Scorpio ~ Full Flower Moon Dreamboard

by justine

Pretty 'n Pink

I created the Pretty ‘n Pink one above first. Drawn to beauty, a bit of lavishness, and the idea of being perfect, naturally as I am. The bright pink tissue paper was a surprise and the first time I’ve used extra material like that. This, I think, is the Taurus sun, shining out in all it’s tactile luxury.

Swim Deep, Take Flight

Aiming to do just one dreamboard, this one came out of the blue (haha). A bunch of little pieces combined to form it quickly. Not that I want to read into this too much, but it’s like the old habits that pull me down (not taking care of myself) are at the depths. I need the reminder, but I am now, with the help of others (the whale & penguin scene) and more play, able to “take flight” and start chasing my dreams. This is the Scorpio moon, helping me search my depths while also experiencing rebirth – rising from the waves a new person.


Inspired by Jamie Ridler Studios Monthly Full Moon Dreamboard

How luscious is it to know that we are dreaming under the Full Flower Moon! The inspiration I suggested under the New Moon was to consider, “Who are you when you are in full flower? What exudes from your personality? What’s possible for full-flower you?

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