Blogiversary ~ 1 Year!

by justine

It’s been one year – one crazy year full of life. MY LIFE. The life that I was missing until I started paying attention.

Tonight will be my 86th post…

11 posts in one month is my top. This post will make May 2011 the most productive with 13 posts. I’ve hit 1476 views with 53 views being my busiest day. I have no idea why. Still have yet to really share this with one – you’d think after writing for a year I’d be game to “go public” but I’ve been pretty content to leave it floating in the ether of the interweb.

No full year recap here – what do you think, I’m some professional blogger? No, I’m just too tired. And I want to share my artist date today.

After a dentist appointment, I took myself out for breakfast. Luxury was had with a salmon, cream cheese, onion stuffed croissant and a small latte. I read and wrote, checked email and social media… and basically let myself relax.

Artist Dates always make me feel panic, that I’m doing something wrong and going to get caught. Kind of insane to think I’m almost 30 and still worried about getting in trouble. I’m working on that.

Then that make me feel euphoric – as if the whole of my life is one beautiful line I’m so happy to be strung along.

Breakfast was a celebration – of me, how far I’ve come, how I feel much more content with my life than I used to. My life is full and despite stupid dramas and problems, BIG PICTURE – I’m getting along just fine, thank you.

Ok – a small recap:

May 2010 – started the blog, adopted Carter (April), and started therapy (March)

June 2010 – photography, intentions and DreamLab – trip to Vegas with ring debacle

July 2010 – loneliness, reading “Cleaved” – Grand Canyon river rafting trip

August 2010 – perfectionism, co-dependency, How To Be Alone and producing – trip to MA Convention

(September 2010 – no blog posts, but I did get engaged!)

October 2010 – dream board, Byron Katie, “success” – sister visits

November 2010 – hiking Angels Landing, symbolic spider dream – trip to Utah

December 2010 – #reverb10, work as worth, Emergence / Presence – trip home for holidays

January 2011 – Brene Brown, photography – new job possibilities

February 2011 – uncertainty, anxiety, chicken scratching – happy birthday!

March 2011 – Artist Way – back-to-back family visits, felt really ill / depressed (?), therapy hiatus

April 2011 – finding a rhythm (instead of balance), Hand Wash Cold – official job promotion

May 2011 – bike, intuition, feelings, dreamboard – more artist dates, waiting out job change