The Past 4 Days…

by justine

In the past 4 days I …

  • Moved offices, in which I again made the mistake of not hiring professionals, thinking that me and my Protestant work ethic could magically move a small truck worth of stuff in one trip and under 3 hours. Thank goodness for my intelligent and patient fiance who made sure it got done as well as it was gonna in the allotted time.
  • Consumed 3 donuts, 4 cups of coffee, 1 slice of pizza, 2 bagels, maybe 5 eggs, lots of cheese and 3 pieces of cake.
  • Drove a friend to the airport.
  • Received a spontaneous invite to see Stevie Nicks’ birthday show at the Wiltern. Fucking fabulous.
  • Discussed, hoped and changed my mind about wedding plans… again.
  • Drank 3 glasses of wine and 1.5 of champagne. Not all at once.
  • Went ice skating, bike riding, roller-blading, dancing, cleaned the apartment and lifted heavy objects.
  • Celebrated a birthday and a bachelorette.
  • Hosted a brunch for 12 people, more than have ever shown up to any of our previous gettogethers.

Received an email about this e-course: “Unravelling #1: Ways of Seeing My Self“. Totally forgot it would start tomorrow, and now that I’ve just finished 12 weeks of the Artist Way, I’m psyched to have a new creative lifeline through my days, especially one I’ve waited so long to try.

Feeling a bit too tired to do much the rest of today. And that’s OK. In fact, the word “tired” is so very different from the term “burnt out”. I don’t feel burnt out because I can say whole-heartedly that none of it was aggravating, upsetting or a waste of my time, even if some of it was confusing or difficult. There was a wonderful undertone of going with the flow as if I’m really beginning to actually live the life I have and not pining for something else. The past 4 days were so full – I grateful and blessed for all of the experiences, people and energy this small span of time encompassed.

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