Hiatus Over + August Break

by justine

It’s been too long…

…more details on what I’ve been up to soon. In the meantime, I’m contemplating a digital sabbatical, trying to take full advantage of mercury retrograde‘s invitation to slow down, and finding new routines. My life looks very different then it did on my last post (which I’m surprised to see what less than 8 weeks ago – it feels like months). As everything is up in the air still (as I’ve been – 3 cross-country flights in 8 weeks) I am working to find some ground, some stability. Really, I’m bringing in the self-care to survey all that makes up my life now and assemble pieces into a beautiful picture. Decelerating actually requires energy and there is the hangover of having done so much and then it all dissipating. *poof*

Very excited though for the new adventures and a (hopefully) relaxing month. Very grateful for everything too. Especially this one below, who I missed dearly while traveling.