Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American 10x

by justine

This week we saw Jimmy Eat World do a 10th Anniversary show of “Bleed American” the record that made them uber-famous.

It was also the record that my fiance and I bonded over when we first met, 9 years ago at college. A lot of these songs mean more to me than I could ever explain but I thought I’d share some of the photos I took with lyrics that make my heart twinge.

Jim Adkins is, hands down, my biggest celebratory crush. I was never obsessed with boy bands or actors, but the music this bands plays, the lyrics they write, and Jim’s voice all make me swoon. It’s the only band that makes me feel like a hormone-driven, emotionally messy teenager… and I love it.

I’ve seen them four times total, all in LA. This was absolutely the best show of all. Jim Adkins was fuckin’ on – he was a skinny, singing, sweating ball of energy and I wanted nothing more than him. :::sigh:::

“If you still care at all. Don’t go, tell me now. If you still love me at all… don’t call”

“I’m finding out, cheating gets it faster…”

“I wanna always feel like part of this was mine.
I wanna fall in love tonight…”

“So here we are now, a sip of wine a sip of water.
Someday, maybe. Maybe someday we’ll be smarter.
And I’m sorry that I’m such a mess, I drank all my money could get.
And took everything you let me have and then I never loved you back.

If you don’t don’t know, why’d you say so?
Would you mean this, please, if it happens?
If you don’t know, why would you say so?
Won’t you get your story straight.
If you don’t, then honey why’d you just say so, cuz I need this now, yeah need this, need this.
If you don’t, then honey then you don’t know.”