Friday Night Thoughts

by justine

– Still reading “The Paris Wife” and not loving it. :::disappointment::: It’s actually boring me. The writing feels superficial or maybe the characters’ voices aren’t grabbing me. Starting to think I should just read “A Moveable Feast” or any published letters between Hadley and Ernest Hemingway.

– I am aching to attend a retreat like Squam. I’ve done a bunch of Internet searching for something similar on the west coast but they’re either really soon / booked, a ton of money, or too art or spirit based. Nothing seems to be a good fit.

– Therefore I’m contemplating the online “Be Present” course and then this new site I found tonight “Original Impulse” that has a “Make Writing A Happy Habit” online class. So, we’ll see.

– As I wrote earlier this week – my job is actually challenging and satisfying, which seems to make me crave deeper creativity even more (and avoid it even more – Hello Resistance! – just when I was getting started…)

– I broke my iPhone last week by dropping it in a yet-to-be-used toilet. #fail A week later, still without a phone. Good news is that I’m not attached to a device, finding my own way without a digital map, and enjoying being a bit off the grid. Bad news is that I feel a bit fuzzy, like I’m not on top of my shit. Also, I’ve lost my daily camera / creative outlet, and I’m finding it impossible to make plans with friends. Not sure how much longer it’ll take for the new one to arrive as it’s a work phone and there’s lots of paperwork.

– Today’s career horoscope was spot on: “Ordinary duties will put you to sleep. If, however, you’re given anything new, you’ll be off like a speeding bullet. Opportunities to expand into new possibilities or put more content online will make you shiver with excitement. Go for it!” I had lunch with an alumna who said she’d love to partner on an interview series. This idea’s been rattling around in my head for a while now, so I’m excited. We’ll see what we can do.

– And that project above makes wonder (again) if I should start a professional blog geared towards GenY and transition from college to career. I still don’t know, but if I start mapping out ideas it seems to have a lot of potential and gets me excited.

Happy Friday!

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