This Grateful Season – Anticipation

by justine

My new job has come chock full of challenges and edges for me to stretch beyond. It’s been fun and exhausting. I didn’t realize until today that I’ve been wanting it to be either / or and it just can’t be. *duh* The dichotomy, the push and pull, is exactly where the balance is.

Today was full of nervous energy. Last week I panicked that the RSVPs were too low. Today I’m panicked they’re too high. The thing is though, it’s all good. Whatever happens happens. So as I sit here waiting for my event to start, I find myself grateful that I’ve done the work to be successful and not go insane. That I can put on awesome events that people love, but even if no one shows up tonight, I’m still me and that’s it’s all OK.

The anticipation, the fear, the excitement and the anxiety are all right where they’re supposed to be – coming up to escort me through my life. And when I’m given the chance to stretch like this, my confidence just explodes. There’s no better way.


**For the month of November, I’m posting something each day that I’m grateful for. It may be as long as an intricate post, as short as a quote, as simple as a link or as wordless as a photograph. Join me? #gratefulseason