This Grateful Season – Anxiety / Excitement or Rainbows and Fireworks

Today started off with this little guy being ill…

 Luckily, he waited until he got outside, but once he hit a patch of grass he couldn’t stop squatting. We didn’t even make it our normal 3 block radius. He was hurting.

Once back inside, I went into “mom mode”, bringing his crate down to barricade him in the kitchen (largest space without carpeting), cooking white rice, and cleaning after he threw up.

Add to that upheaval the panic of running late and too many appointments in the day ahead, and my morning basically poked and prodded me until I was in the car.

On my drive I listened to a podcast of This American Life. Cheering me up, I had the energy for my first meeting even though I was 20min late. This lead to more positive energy flowing and I found myself chugging right along. No downward spiral today.

The day flew by somehow. And here I find myself at my desk, blogging again, watching a gorgeous rainbow outside my window stream down into the neighborhood east of my apartment. And I’m thankful for the view, the dog not being sick, and the time to sit here and let my thoughts ramble. For the space to be excited and the energy to use that excitement to jot down ideas in my journal and photograph my life.

And for the phone call from a friend who is so excited to start therapy.

Today I purchased an Experience Telling template / tutorial from Gwen Bell. There is a little voice that says “Follow that lead…” and I’m onto something inside of me. Posting daily for just the past 4 days (4 DAYS!) feels both monumental and just right. Like a sigh you exhale when you sink into that big reading chair or the quiet after you shut your car door, before you turn the engine on, this is the space and focus and time I crave.

As if on cue, a torrent of fireworks are going off in my neighborhood, lighting up the sky.


**For the month of November, I’m posting something each day that I’m grateful for. It may be as long as an intricate post, as short as a quote, as simple as a link or as wordless as a photograph. A friend has come on board. Join us? #gratefulseason