This Grateful Season – Rick

by justine

Rick, Ricky, Ricardo, Ricky-tickey-timbo – the pet name my sister and I use for each other. I read somewhere once that the names we use for people denote their significance in our lives – and that our use of the exact same nickname for each other (our family sometimes refers to us collectively as “the ricks”) is a testament to how close we really are.

People mistake us for twins, even though she’s almost 4 yrs younger than me. We had our annoyances growing up, but ever since she was 12 and I was 15, we’ve been inseparable. There’s not much else I can say in a short time that can cover it. We don’t go more than 2 days without talking, I lean on her as much as she leans on me, and she’s one of the only people that accepts me 100%.

She’s my favorite person in the whole world.