Friday Inspiration – Polaroid Music Mash-Up

by justine

Kathleen Edwards’ record came to me about 6 weeks ago. The song “Change The Sheets” ran on repeat for a few days. January / February was not a good time for me. I should’ve blogged through it, but I didn’t. (Kicking myself for that now – the realizations were life-changing).

It was a low I hadn’t felt in almost two years, the worst part being the downward spiral of panic about panic or worrying about worrying, where the voice of logic in your own head isn’t logical anymore – it’s just that scared / depressed part feeding you more crap. Can’t talk yourself out of it. Gotta feel it.

In this same delicate time, I discovered Brooke Schmidt’s blog. Heartbreakingly simple. It felt like a line-in of “It’s OK” repeated quietly over and over again.

And then I put the two together.

Consider this a blanket, a salve, a visual and audio life raft to keeping you afloat. At least, it did for me.

Maybe make a cup of tea or heat up a heat pack or climb into bed with bare feet and scented lotion.

Go to Brooke Schmidt’s Flickr page – I’m linking to her “polaroids” set, but any set will do. Then, follow this link for “Voyageur” by Kathleen Edwards. Play the music. Open the Flickr set you like and click the “Slideshow” bottom at the top right.

Sit back, be still, and let these beauties articulate what you can not. Forget the panic, the words, the explaining. Just be.