Tweet Tuesday – Byron Katie

by justine

To say that a book changed my life is no small statement. Byron Katie and her work did just that. It helped me understand that my thoughts are just thoughts – little balls of information and dialogue that swim around in my brain – and that I have the ability to question them… especially the thoughts I have about myself.

And so, today I share the below tweet b/c this is really a truth I’ve been living by for over a year now. We are not our anxieties, our sadness, our emotions, our relationships or our thoughts. We are beaming lights of goodness that can only shine when we’re really, truly present in this moment. And this moment.

But how the hell do we get there?

With the practice of asking myself over and over, “Is this true for me?” I’ve been able to create some space in my head (and in my heart). I take a moment of quiet, ask myself this simple question and then listen. The answers are not loud directives but more gut feelings. And I believe we all have that compass, to bring ourselves back to the present moment and listen.


Here is where I explain how it changed my life. So grateful.

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