A Month Ago (Traveling Again)

A month ago I was in San Diego, thanks to an invite from a good friend. That trip was just what I needed to decompress and reorient myself after a stressful January and February.

It’s hard to believe March has gone by so quickly, and that I’ll be on a plane tomorrow to Boston. While I’m looking forward to the trip, I can already feel my energy gearing up for the traveling, meetings, people, and living out of a suitcase. This trip I’m determined to get enough exercise, rest, water and real food in my body. I’ve packed workout clothes, my journal and my Kindle. Hoping to get to work emails and reading-for-fun during my flight. Maybe even catch up on my Blogging From The Heart class, which I’m thoroughly enjoying! (Maybe you can tell from all of the recent posts?)

I haven’t ever blogged on-the-go so it’ll be cool to see how that fits into my schedule while I’m out of town. So much of our rhythm changes in new places – but as someone who likes that sense of adventure, I’m excited to see how it affects my thinking and writing. Until the next post 🙂