History Map

by justine

View from my hotel, The Lenox - Copley Square

Spent Tuesday through Friday in Boston for work. It was a crazy whirlwind, like it always is, but it’s always worth it. I met with students, reconnected with friends and colleagues, and enjoyed a few days in the city that saw the beginnings of my adulthood.

Each time I return, I find myself in a different place emotionally. It’s interesting to keep coming back, comparing where I currently am to where I was, both on my last trip in and when I lived there as a student. Things are so different now, and yet, the underlying foundation is the same.

It’s part of my history, the people and places that make me who I am. So many of my friends are from those 4 years – many are in my wedding – and the ups and downs there were both better and worse than what I’ve experienced since moving LA.

Despite the brownstones, Charles river, and proximity to our families, it never felt like home, in the way that SoCal feels now. I wouldn’t want to live there again, but it pulls me back, like the veins on the map of my heart.