Bridal Shower

by justine

Saturday was my bridal shower. My mom and sister threw the party for me at my parents’ home. I was able to travel down from Boston after work on Friday. My freshman roommate made the trip with me – we trained it to Bridgeport, CT and then ran to the ferry. Crazy enough, we ran into my cousin and her two kids (my flower girls) on the ferry.


The themed colors were pink and green – very spring and Easter. Pink is usually not my thing, but it was beautiful.


Favors were little candles with seashells on them. We ate delish sandwiches, veggies, cream puffs with cream cheese filling, and the most amazing chocolate cake I’ve ever had (thanks to my sister).


There was a game or two, but mostly I opened gifts and chatted with people. It was amazing to see all of these awesome women who love and support me and my fiance. We’re so blessed.


There were a ton of gifts – well beyond what I expected at all. It’s kind of overwhelming. I can network and enjoy public speaking, but being the center of attention in this way is uncomfortable for me. Luckily, I had my former roommate to my right for emotional support (I kept asking her, “How am I doing?” when opening my gifts. “You’re good, JTo,” she’d say.) Then on my left was my sister, taking notes and getting me more water or wine. And next to her was my future sister-in-law moving the gifts along and keeping it all low drama for me.

Overall, an awesome weekend party. I am so loved.