Tweet Tuesday – Julia Cameron

by justine

While this isn’t the most profound quote I could pull from the great Julia Cameron, it was 100% applicable to my recent  health. I wasn’t feeling so hot in general. Allergies or a head cold were wrecking my sinuses, I’d traveled a bunch (germs, germs germs) and I felt just blah. But I’ve been working, through accepting where I’m at and coming up with a few new realizations, to hone in on what’s really going on.

First of all, I decided that I need to ask myself often “What’s the best use of my time and energy?” and measure my answers against what will really feed my soul. This includes new habits of self-care, quiet time and lots of reading. Cooking, cleaning and chores are only useful when they feel replenishing, not depleting. But there seemed to be something missing still. No matter how much I rested, I still felt resentful. I still had a head cold.

And then, I felt in my bones that creating is the answer.

So when I sat down to blog the other night – and have continued to add creative fun into the past few days – I found I have more energy and less physical pain. Thinking I’ve brought myself back into alignment. And wouldn’t that just be a freakin’ delight for Julia?