Dentist (How to Lose a Customer)

by justine

I am switching dentists.

This is not a rant about health insurance or patient care or really anything but how to lose a loyal customer. Me. Someone who will return to you day in and day out if I feel you appreciate my business and provide good service. Because I like good service. And I don’t like change.

I’ve been seeing this dentist for at least 3 years now. To put it frankly, she’s an alarmist. She’s knows my medical history (which includes not only HPV but leukemia) and uses it to scare me. The first time it was gingivitis, which can be a sign of heart disease in women. After upgrading my toothbrush, flossing daily and working to cut the sugar in my tea, it was a cosmetic issue. Maybe I’d need my wisdom teeth out, they were pushing my front teeth out of the bone, and surely Invisalign was the next step.

No thanks.

Then in January it was a tiny skin tag on my gum. Hadn’t I noticed it? Growths like that could be a sign of… ready? CANCER. She played the card, and she played well.

It’s 100% my fault I went along with it. I figured removing the little flap couldn’t be a bad thing and at that point, sure, let’s biopsy it, because if I have a health trigger, it’s going to be cancer.

Tonight, yet another bill was on the kitchen table. Apparently, I still owe money. $298 to be exact, bringing the whopping total cost since January to $1072. Over one thousand dollars. In less than 6 months. Where the fuck am I even getting this money?? To make matters worse, this is for preventative care. For possible issues. This isn’t even to whiten my teeth for my wedding, fix a crooked tooth or fill a goddamn cavity.

I’m over it.

One of my best friends referred me to said dentist at least 3 years ago. Within 6 months of my first visit, my friend changed to a new dentist, for exactly the reasons I’m stating above. I should’ve listened to her.

But you don’t have to take my word for it… Yelp.