…In With The New

by justine

These are my old Kayano-17s. I’ve been running in them since November, purchased after I had the first running injury of my quiet little running hobby. It was no fun. In fact, it was the start of my weight gain and by weight gain, I mean being completely and utterly out of shape.

These puppies are completely beat up, yet if I didn’t need the extra cushioning run that they provide, I could probably get another month out of them. Still, 6 months should be the marker. I’ve been running more the past 2 months and did a few hikes. After my neck started to twinge and my knees ached, it was time.

(Thank you tax refund and Road Runner Sports VIP discounts)

These beauties are the new ones. Asics Kayano-18s and in PINK and BLACK. Not normally my colors, but they looked so rad, I couldn’t pass them up.

Today was my first run in them, and while I was slogging, they were rock solid. My feet, knees, and neck were grateful. Excited to get another run in this weekend.