Wedding Invitations: Executed

by justine

Our RSVP date is June 1st, so the plan was to have the wedding invitations out the week of April 23rd. That Sunday our good friend (and wedding planner) came over to help execute.

Her doggie was also helping by standing guard in the window

It didn’t take very long at all. We stuffed 89 envelopes – the ones that had been professional addressed by the company. However, there were about 12 more that needed to be completed.

Tonight, H and I worked on them, as a team, but begrudgingly.

As I’ve written about before, the whole wedding planning stuff is kind of surreal. You think that picking out the invitations will be all fun and creative, but before H found the designer online, it was just scrolling through pages and pages of crap on the internet. And then, you get them in the mail, and they’re gorgeous, but now you have the next step of stuffing and mailing. It’s like, each completed To Do on the wedding-planning-list creates another “to do”.

It’s all very anti-climactic and would drive any control freak insane.

And I know I’m super lucky to have an amazing fiance, supportive family and great friends. July 7th can’t come soon enough!

If you’re interested in where we got our invitations from, visit My Big Day Designs – they were awesome to work with!