Tweet Tuesday – Byron Katie #2

by justine

I should tattoo this on my face.

Or, I guess, on my arm where I’ll see it. Y’know, like when you were in High School and it was cool to write things on your skin. Notes, phone numbers, little doodles. Do kids still do that or do they just dump the info into their smart phone?

I still do it, usually before bed, and I use a sharpie to make sure the message isn’t lost between my morning shower and my office arrival. So then, I guess the quote above would work.

Speaking of, my little sister just got her first tattoo – rib cage – song lyric from her fav The Fray. Now I’m the only sib without a tat. Not sure how I feel about that, but being that her tattoo serves as a reminder, it fits in my blog post. Also, I’m suffering from a major pms headache and this is about all the blogging I can do before I head to bed.


(Byron Katie Tweet Tuesday #1)