Making It Happen

by justine

It’s been 2 weeks since I received a new pang of inspiration.

First, it started with my colleague asking for help with his daughter and her first interview (ever) for an internship. When he started writing down my suggestions, I felt a rush. He apologized for interrupting my work. No, no – I assured him – whatever this brainstorming thing is, I would love to get paid to do it.

The next day I woke up to find a voicemail from a contact who’d had a “career epiphany” and wanted to talk it out… with me. I spent over an hour chatting with him. That evening, I was a sounding board for my brother who is trying to move his internship into a full-time position. I was talked out but satisfied.

A mere four days later, I met a contact at Internsushi for lunch. I love meeting up with this gal – she and I have a mutual understanding of the struggles of communicating the work environment to newly graduated students. We’ve both worked with interns, companies in demanding creative fields, students and navigated our own careers. Plus, her man plays for the Phillies and mine is from Philly, so yay.

As we chatted about GenY, work habits, recruiting, start-ups etc she began jotting down a few things I said. Again, that rush. She said I should talk to her boss. That they’d love to use some of my experience and ideas for their site. Wowza.

Now in the middle of the 2nd week, I had a phone meeting with another contact who was talking out her work load, contact management and general productivity flow. My suggestions came naturally (as I’m dealing with the same shit storm). It was like mentoring and it felt awesome.

The next day, I was on the phone discussing an opportunity to write content for InternSushi. I took notes, my heart racing with excitement, and told them I’d draft up a list of ideas by Wednesday and sent it over.

Just before, a day late, I sent a 3 page PDF brainstorm of ideas for their feedback.

And to top it all off, yesterday I had coffee with the above contact who’d had the “epiphany” and realized that, holy crap, we could be doing our original idea of videotape interviewing people about their careers in the music industry but we could also do a podcast.

See, I’ve had all of these ideas percolating, swarming in my head. I keep listening to podcasts, reading books, meeting with people, and this just adds to the ideas. But I don’t know where to put them. And yet, just as quickly as the multitude of ideas came swooping in, so did the content buckets. Maybe I do need another blog… maybe a podcast would work… and then there’s the guy who can help with the video… and oh, you wanted to write content officially, here’s a platform.

I guess I’m making it happen, and let me tell you, it’s scary shit. Which is why I have this video on repeat.

I’ll keep ya posted.