Tweet Tuesday – Conversations

by justine

I’m sharing these because I thought it meant something that I starred two tweets in two days about conversations.

Apparently, I’m a great conversationalist. This has come to me from many people through the past few years. It’s probably something to do with my Sun in Pisces and my Venus in Aquarius. I love deep, long talks with small groups of people. To complicate things, I’m an INFJ – an introvert for sure – and I gather energy from being alone, not from others.

So on a day like today, where I have a conference call and two meetings, I find myself both exhilarated by the conversation – the sharing of ideas, communication, connection – and also exhausted by all of it.

It’s a relief to share that here.

The moon is in Aries, which for me is usually like getting whacked upside the head, so I know my mood will change in a few hours, if not by Thursday. My goal this week is to accomplish a few small things per day (blogging being one of them) and right now I do feel slightly better that I’ve shown up.

Thanks for that. xo