Package of Love

by justine

I commented on a Noisy Plume post, fingers crossed, to win a mix tape that she touted as the soundtrack to summer. With the up and down fits of work, the barrage of people in my days (good and bad), not to mention more time stuck in traffic and all those wedding planning ToDos, I could use nothing more than a mix tape from a creative woman I know only from her own musings via the internet.

When I won, it was as if I’d known all along I’d win. Another nod to serendipity, yes, but I needed this. The package of white paper and string, the goodies – hand lotion, lip balm, lollipops – the music, oh, the music. A cover of “I’m On Fire” and Dolly’s “Jolene“.

The mix kept me company on the 2.5hr round trip to my first dress fitting, alone. The other items little talismans of comfort and care sent to me from the universe during this stressful time.

So much has happened in the past week – bachelorette, drive-in movie BBQ, friendships deepening, my relationship steadying, time with my siblings, more work than the past few weeks, finishing Harry Potter and starting two new books, and life full and tiring in its own way. But for now, I’ll leave you with photos of my darling package, and I’m off to brew some of the gifted tea before a wedding pow-wow with my best friend / planner.

…And thank you again to Jillian.