Ritualistically Asking For Guidance

by justine

This just came up in my horoscope for this week and it can’t more spot on (click on the pic above to read):

Whatever god (or absence of) you believe in, you can benefit from repeatedly and ritualistically asking for insight… then spending enough time alone to receive this gift.

So much of what I’m doing to keep my sanity lately with 7712 countdown is rest, ask God / the universe for help, and stay open – trusting all of the way that I’m on the right path. And it’s work but it seems to be working.

Hoping I can capture this magic – the turmoil, life so full, the anxiety and the excitement – as the days go by in the next month. It’s not every day I get to plan a wedding, and as the time ticks by, I feel my anticipation growing. Still, it’s a lot. A major project that’s been a year in the making, plus a new job, all the home chores, keeping up with my love relationship and friends, and still finding time to read (and blog, though that’s fallen off my plate a lot recently).

But this is all I need – 20min and a photo or two to say I’m here, this is my experience and just as I recognize it and type it out, it’s gone, the moment, the feeling, the present state, ever changing. Even a better reason to ask for guidance and to find alone time enough to listen.

I’m all ears.