Technology is Great But…

by justine

Today was another day of video conferencing – this time starting at 5:30AM my time. No fun. Somehow it was better and worse than last week.

So we started off with a walk at 5am. The sun wasn’t out yet, but there was lots of light. Streets were deserted, we didn’t see another person walking and the only car appeared around 5:30am. All the houses were dark save a few, even the sprinklers were few and far between. As we walked I enjoyed the quiet, letting it sink into my brain to buoy me for the long day of noise and interactions ahead. The crows stood on their roof-top perches, calling us out, and the birds started before we got back home.

After a few hours of torturous video chatting using GoMtg (last week’s fail was Skype) a colleague suggested we use Gchat Video and it was an enormous improvement. It’ll be my go to video conferencing service from now on. Despite that, I had to sit on the floor, connected to ethernet, and it was super hard to pay attention. I’m really grateful I didn’t have to get on a plane for work 4 weeks before my wedding, but next year, I’ll be flying in for this shin-dig. It was too annoying / tiring to not just physically show up.

Carter Cash thought so too:

Despite all of this, I’m really proud. I’ve done a lot in the past few days both for work and the wedding. I have to run a workshop this evening, so I made sure to take a nap this afternoon to catch up. I’m feeling good and glad I have time to capture it here.