Tigger Shakes Trivia Night

by justine

I know this is a terrible picture, but it’s all I’ve got.

Last night H organized our group of friends – all 9 of them! – into a trivia night. He never does the social calendar for us. I was impressed.

We were the Tigger Shakes and we almost rocked it. We did have a cheer and all agreed that doubling-down was probably going to ruin our score, so we played conservatively.

Did you know Ventnor is a “V” named property in Monopoly and that Sylvester Stallon has his own fitness magazine? Well, we did, which is why we coveted the 3rd place award. Boo yah.

3rd place equalled $10 in free food at the place next door. Considering we all live on othersides of the city, we decided to spend it right then. Bonus – Taco Tuesday – $1 tacos. The catch? Two drink minimum.

But H rocked it again, suggesting to the waiter we buy two sodas and the 10 tacos and call it a deal. The waiter was also impressed, waiving the drink minimum, and serving us up 10 tacos for 88cents.

It was an awesome Tuesday night.

I love our friends.