by justine

I meet tons of people through my job. In the past 12 months alone, I met with 240+ different people. Many of them come and go, a few stick. Of course I have my close group of friends, but there are one-off meetings, mainly with girls, that develop into something more like a friendship and less like a social connection.

Kjersti is one of those gals.

We met a year ago when she came to my office, a newbie to Los Angeles. I was charmed by her genuine niceness and I felt something of a kindred spirit with her. It was as if I played older sister and yet, she was the wiser. We’ve crossed paths a bunch the past year, but not enough, and sadly today was our last in-person lunch for a while.

She is relocating back to Norway, to pursue her jazz music career, and leaves behind an adoring circle of people here in LA. While we never hung out enough for me to miss her on a daily basis, I’m sad we didn’t grow our friendship more, as I feel we’re connected in some mystical way. Could just be her Aquarian nature meshing with my Venus in Aquarius, but still.

Fingers crossed that one day she visits again, and that I can host her in my LA home. Or that H and I will make a trip to Norway and see her in her natural habitat.

As she emailed me yesterday — I will miss having her in my “geographical nearness” too.