Changing Gears

by justine

I still have a lot of work to do, both for my job before we head out and for the wedding. It can feel overwhelming at times, but things keep magically falling into place. H is helping more than I assumed he ever would – crossing things off his list left and right and even taking on a few other things.

It’s crazy to think where we’ll be in a week, that the whole shebang is 10 days away, or that we’re traveling to Hawaii. My brain can’t wrap around this information. I just know it’s a huge relief to be done with student stuff for now and to have no major meetings on my calendar.

Florist confirmed. DJ confirmed. Final guest list count almost completed. Venue almost settled. The big things are the stake posts and we build around them. There’s enough details to throw even a person like me into chaos. I’m grateful work is slowing down and that H is off for these few weeks. I couldn’t figure this all out alone.