Bridal Brunch / Crunch Time

by justine

Today my good friend and wedding planner, Liz, took me out to the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. What a dream. It was all gray and light teal, with a rooftop view of the ocean, mountains and entire stretch of coastal highway. Amazing. H and I never do fancy stuff like this, so I was super excited to enjoy the day.

And here we are: T-1 week from the wedding.

Some moments are full of excitement – for the travel, the parties, the celebration, seeing our families. Some have a hint of anxiety from unsettled tasks or mild disagreements. Mostly, I feel like we’re kicking wedding planning ass.

My mom is on the same page as me, which is a miracle. H has been a god-send. My sister and Liz are the runners on my skis, the support beams of my chaos. In other words, my sanity. Today H redid our programs to fit better on a page. I almost finished the photography questionnaire, mom and I finished the seating arrangements and we all discussed “day of” timelines.

It’s nerve-wracking to think all of this time, energy and money is going into one 8hr celebration that will be over in a week. We’re in crunch mode and I feel good. Hope this feeling continues.