Maui Kai

by justine

We made it to Maui, Hawaii and it’s as awesome as we hoped. We’re staying at Maui Kai Condos, which are 10 feet from the ocean. Right now as I type, our floor to ceiling sliding doors are open and the waves are crashing away. What a freakin’ fantastic place to spend a honeymoon.

H did an amazing job planning our trip. Our flight was perfect & easy, a friend is watching Carter Cash, we seemed to pack all we needed, the rental car was easy and we’ve already explored some. Today we hit the Nakalele Blowhole and Olivine Pools. Since we set out later in the afternoon after our initial arrival, most trails and locations were empty. It was unnerving being at the pools without anyone else and as the sun was setting. We drove home just in time.

We ate in downtown Lahaina but the food wasn’t anything to speak highly of. I’m going to try and post more, but right now, we’re headed to bed.