Snorkeling – Maui

by justine

This view isn’t getting old anytime soon. I wrote my morning pages and ate breakfast out on the patio as planned. We didn’t have anything specific planned for today, so H decided we’d drive to south Maui and go snorkeling.

Now, I’ve never been snorkeling but I like the idea of it. I love fish and I love the ocean, so it should be instant love. However, last year H and I were caught in a rip right at our local beach (near the Venice Beach pier). Having no idea what was happening, of course I panicked, and a life guard came to my rescue. It was scary shit.

So when today’s first snorkel location looked like this, I wasn’t pleased:

My inability to calm my racing nerves, the pull of the tide, the waves breaking over these rocks and H’s insistence that I would be fine made this morning’s adventure not fun at all. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with H – that he was rushing me, pressuring me to move on to the next thing and pack in as much as possible. I was tired from our trip and looking forward to a relaxing first full day on vacation.

It took a car ride nap and a small discussion to sort things out.

Soon after, we found a beach near mile marker 14 that is not recommended by our guide book, but was a great place for me to acclimate to the snorkeling part of the swimming activity. It was splendid.

And once I did that, I felt ready enough to try Honolua Bay, which we did this afternoon. No pics of that though, since we’re paranoid people will steal our stuff.

Can’t wait to snorkel again.