Now This is a Honeymoon

by justine

It’s been a few days – and those days have been up and down. In retrospect, Maui was awesome, despite the Road to Hana being a mess for us. More on that another time.

We flew from Maui to Kauai 4 days ago. We knew our 2nd condo stop wouldn’t be as glamorous, but it was pretty much crap. I mean, it was good enough, but between the odd space, the loud children and the crazy roosters, it wasn’t much fun. Add to that a tropical depression that dumped more rain on us than we could handle, and we were done. (This “resort” also didn’t have wifi, hence my absence)

So this morning we packed up and high-tailed it out of there for the south shore. We’re staying at Koa Kea and as soon as we walked into the lobby, I knew this would be heaven. Full on resort stay. Customer service, drinks by the pool, lounge chairs at the ocean. Amazing.

It took us less than 5hrs of ocean-side-sitting before we tallied up some numbers and decided to extend our stay an extra day. Because, people, this is honeymooning.

Thank the lord.