Sundays Are For (Week 3)

I had to work both days this weekend. Even though I’m exhausted from the schmoozing, I tried to make the best of it…

Pulled out all I could find in the fridge, and threw together this little bfast for H and I. Did I mention it’s so hot over here I can’t stop drinking ice water?

In an effort to make the drive / work in Burbank bearable, I made lunch plans with Liz (my wedding planner and friend). Lunch was “to go” from my fav local place the Curious Palate.

And no Sunday hang would be complete without the monkey, seen swimming here in all her fabulous glory.

Despite the heat and work, this weekend was pretty fun. My energy levels are good, though I am feeling quite tired now and it’s not even 9pm. Usually I can flex my work hours, but I already booked out the week. Regretting that.

Hoping I can find a day soon that I can call all my own.