Planes Landing

by justine

You can see them off in the distance, bright stars floating on the horizon. Then, the air starts to feel different in your ears, with the high pitch sounds reaching you first. Sound feels sucked out and empty, there’s so much high-end, and then the jet engines start thrumming. You can feel the massive weight of the plane vibrate your chest, and suddenly, it’s overhead. The lights flash above you, the jet fuel leaves a trail of exhaust, and it’s beyond your site, landing on the runway at the airport.

When you’re not planning a wedding, you find yourself with ample amounts of time to… go for a run, wash dishes, take photographs, cook breakfast, call your sister, work a full day, brainstorm in a journal, go shopping for new clothes, eat In&Out and watch airplanes land.

Tonight’s adventure was spontaneous and it was awesome.