Friendship Serendipity

by justine

I have some pretty awesome friends. One in particular is moving to the foreground. Enthusiastic, joyful, smart, communicative and thoughtful, she’s set a new bar for me as a person. Each time she goes through a challenging situation, I am awed by her logical and warm take on it – how she acknowledges her part without ever seeming to give up her power.

In the past year, she’s dealt with many changes and trials. Call it part of the Saturn cycle, but it’s as if her entire life has been taken apart piece-by-piece and she was called to go in and reassemble it. Amazingly, we’ve grown in friendship during this time, which for me, feels like an honor.

I haven’t had a friend like this since college, and certainly no one I feel I can look up to in this way since high school. In fact, this friendship is feeling very close to that nostalgic “best friend” you have in grade school – the one where you just show up for each other, hanging out and talking, and it forms a safety net of a relationship underneath your entire life. It’s awesome.

Wednesday we planned a walk at the beach and then dinner at my place. It was a perfect summer night for it. We talked, we walked, we cooked, we ate. Super relaxing and engaging. She packed up and left, I cleaned the kitchen, H and I put in a movie.

It wasn’t until an hour or more later that I went upstairs to find the bathroom light on, which was odd because we’re a family that general keeps houselights off. And there, on the counter, was a red envelope with my name on it. She had left me the sweetest note and a thank you gift. For what? Apparently being an awesome friend, which is pretty fucking cool considering I thought things were mutual / I was benefitting as much, if not more, from our hang-outs.

But, get this… she gifted me a free year of streaming on which is exactly the most perfect gift anyone could give me. I had no idea how she knew. H said it’s b/c we’re friends, so I must’ve mentioned it. Looking back through emails, he’s right, but I never told her I was unsure about the cost… The whole thing, note + gift, just blew me away. 100% love.

And there it is… exactly what I wanted this week just magically showed up. And if that isn’t a sign from the Universe that to add yoga to my life, I don’t know what is.

Yay serendipity and awesome friends.