Westside Living

by justine

The days keep melding together. On one hand, life is like a vacation. Bikes, beer, beach. On the other, I worked last weekend and took Thursday off. Woke up this morning with no sense of what day it was. The lack of routine makes me uneasy, but I’m trying to enjoy it. H goes back to work (school) on Monday. This is our last weekend of “summer break”.

We invited our friends Mike & Manny down for a beach day. Beforehand, H and I biked with Carter Cash, quick-cleaned the apartment, and then I cooked us some delish eggies-in-a-nest. (Officially renamed “Rickies In A Hammock” for my sister).

The day floated by in a blur of strong sun, hot sand, cold beer, my first bison burger, a cold shower or two, walking Venice Beach, watching season 5 of “Dexter”, and chatting it up with M&M. We grabbed coffee at a new place near us we’ve been meaning to try – Deus Ex Machina.

I think at this point it’s safe to say a few things. If a place has a industrial, yet warm, loft style – wood, concrete floors, Edison light fixtures and an open ceiling – we can bet I will like it A LOT. My need for a good latte creeps in every other day. And I think I have fully become a “west-sider” – educated, mature tastes but with a laid back no bullshit approach to eating, shopping and hanging with other people. Bikes, beach, beer. Coffee, doggie, yogi. Surfboards and the ocean. Dream living.

How’s your weekend coming along? xo