Weekly Ritual

by justine




Each week, mostly Wednesdays, you can find me at this cute coffee shop in Westwood – Espresso Profeta. It’s just pretensions enough that the service / quality is worth the $4 latte, and just laid back enough for me to feel comfortable. They have wi-fi but no electrical outlets. The baristas are friendly but have a too-cool-for-you vibe behind the counter. They serve minimal food – pastries, toast, pb&j. There’s outdoor seating and so much sunlight.

And the lattes are fucking fantastic.

It’s become a weekly ritual, one that I allow myself to indulge in. I wish it was closer to my apartment. I’d be there more often, but then maybe the magic would dissipate. It’s a small gift that I give myself, usually holding a work meeting there, but even better when I go alone, with a book and my journal. A quiet little retreat mid-week.

Do you have a weekly ritual? xo