Trusting Equals Serendipity

by justine

From Danielle Laporte’s The Fire Starter Sessions

I am loving Danielle Laporte’s Fire Starter Sessions, mostly because she took the words right out of my mouth. DL is way more badass than me, but part of me wishes I had this book 2 years ago when I started my journey. The other part of me knows these truths wouldn’t have rang true for me, no matter how close to the skin they feel now.

This is the tricky thing about trying to explain to people how I’m where I am compared to where I used to be. Which is no where, because where I used to be was tough – anxious, upset, guilty about feeling upset, disliking people as a whole and exhausted. One could sum it up as “depressed” even, but I never went that far. My friend Steve did though, and recommended I see a therapist. Not only because it would help, but because, he said, “You’ll love it”.

Boy, was he right.

It’s a pain in the butt to distill the past few years into stories that may help people. I’m not there yet – it’s still an abstract puzzle. I sounded it out this weekend while my sister bounced ideas off of me (ever the older sister, testing my theories on her) and then with friends, including one who is balancing planning a wedding with a strenuous mom-daughter relationship. So much of my own experience seems to be of value to people, and yet, it’s not coming across as cohesive or structured.

Not yet anyways.

Of course, serendipity loves me, and I ran into another friend who is further along in her career and fabulous to bounce ideas off of (I need more of these women in my life – or at least I need to spend more time with them). We spent a solid half hour at Starbucks chatting about my career, possible next moves, frustrations, projects and the below:

  • I am able to talk with people and hear their stories; giving them space to ruminate, brainstorm, and recognize that they already know what they want to do or have the “next step” they can take to move towards what they want.
  • I am able to pull these stories together into possible actions / events / offerings for the group, in turn creating and building a community.
  • I am able to empathize with people my own age and younger who are under the GenY label – I feel the pressures, panic, brightness and drive that this group experiences isn’t acknowledged in productive ways
  • I want to be able to communicate the stories, ideas, concerns, wishes, and goals of the above GenY people with other people in their lives – parents, bosses, each other etc.

Not sure what to do next, but I love that this morning’s chance meeting validates my continuing practice – show up in the world, trust that things will work out, and enjoy. And, as DL says above, “make ease a metric of your success”. Amazing things can happen.