Cooler Air Run

by justine

As this is going up, I’m hosting an event for work. Details that feel like drive-me-insane open loops are settling in day by day. While I am not 100%, at least I don’t feel as crappy as I did the past few days.

Started the day off right with a fast 3mile run with this cutie above. He was trucking along too, needing the exercise and fresh air as much as I do. We tried out a new leash that clips around my waist. Besides almost tripping twice, and being catapulted by a squirrel chase once, we did alright.

It was cooler than usual this morning. We slept with the door open and the fan on, but cuddled deep under our comforter, heavier now with a coverlet on top. I am craving crisp air and duller sunlight. While we’re still weeks away from that here in LA, my hope is our little trip East will give me just enough of a taste to hold me over.