Sundays Are For (Week 9)

by justine

Lots of traveling this weekend, but if I did one thing right, it was eating pretty well. The above does not support this statement. It was one of my indulgences. I can’t go home to NY and not eat a bagel. And this one was incredible.

Today was for hitting the bagel store with my family before the long drive into JFK. It was about lox cream cheese and Early Grey tea. It was about airplanes and smiling and enjoying being on my own. It was an evening walk down Newbury Street in Boston, eating a solo dinner at the bar, reading my Kindle.

It was about feeling chilly, about space, decompressing, and resting in motion.

Tomorrow starts off a busy work week in Boston. For my own sanity, I hope to have time to post.

What was your Sunday for? xo