Yoga In The Hotel

by justine

This was my first work day in Boston. I decided to write my morning pages and then do yoga. Thought this would be a great transition into the work day. I was right.

It’s amazing how the start of yoga can be full of anxiety or boredom, my brain finding some reason to not do the class. How tight my muscles are and my mind racing. But man, after even 20min, I start feeling looser and more flexible and just, happy.

Now I’m feeling dehydrated. Ate an amazing dinner at Franklin Cafe in the South End. Apparently their turkey meatloaf is to die for but it wasn’t on the menu yet. I went with the smoked shrimp and the appetizer special of beef short-ribs, topped off with a St-Germain cocktail. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of this deliciousness.

Today was the easiest day I have planned so tomorrow things may be hectic. Up later than I’d like working on my presentation. Hoping for a run along the Charles if I can get to sleep soon.