Movies, Music and Moon

by justine

We’ve already had quite a relaxing Saturday. Slept in, took the pup to a dog park and walked through a gorgeous little neighborhood. We went to bed late (2am) as we met friends to see Taken 2 and eat dessert at Cheesecake Factory. Between the wine I had with dinner and the chocolate raspberry truffle cheesecake, I’m in a slight sugar hangover this morning.

The moon’s void of course and I’m trying to follow suit. Hanging out, reading, not worried about accomplishing anything. It’s a  3-day weekend for me and I left my laptop at work to avoid pressuring myself into doing work (because I never do – I just drive myself mentally crazy about how I should – though the laptop always stays in my bag).

Tonight we are seeing the Black Keys play Staples Center. Tegan and Sara are opening. My head may explode.

{The picture above was taken the same day at this one. Happy weekend!}